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Your Ticket to Cutting Utility Bills While Keeping our Environment Clean.

The ProTeq answer is our Energy Saving Highly Durable Coating (ESHD) called CeramaKote™. Our ESHD emulates the characteristics and benefits of ceramic.

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Industrial/Commercial CeramaKote:
Ceiling and Roof Coating Protection System

This baseball field-house roof was blown off by a recent hurricane and the school district needed an economical coating system to protect the previous roof and provide a lower interior temperature for the players, students and staff. ProTeq used its exclusive CeramaKote™ ESHD coating to proteq the existing substrate, provide roof stability and control the radiant heat that the building was exposed to.

Damaged field-house roof with exposed original roof.

original roof

Dens Deck roof board has been removed and all loose aggregate ballast is removed in order to receive three layers of CeramaKote™ applied in alternating coats.


A final coat of CeramaKote™ is applied to the original roof adding years of life to the building and providing a radiant barrier that will lower heat gain and utility bills.


This Houston area gymnasium added a boxing facility to its campus using pre-fabricated metal construction. In order to reduce heat gain, maintain a pleasant interior temperature and lower utility bills they chose ProTeq Houston to coat the interior walls and ceiling with our exclusive CeramaKote™ material. This system will protect the metal surfaces and keep the building cool for years to come. The gymnasium ownership was able to run its HVAC system at higher thermostat settings while maintaining lower interior temperatures and significantly reducing their anticipated utility bills.

The new boxing facility prior to application of CeramaKote™ by ProTeq.





Completed application of CeramaKote™ to the interior surfaces of the building. All exposed metal surfaces were coated & protected with CeramaKote™. The unfinished building then maintained temperatures in the mid-to-low 70’s during middle of Houston’s summer season.